We have developed our manufacturing facility with the philosophy -“The Quality build in Production “. We have planned our component Parts manufacturing units with high efficiency Korean electrical and German Hybrid Injection Molding Machine (IMM). We are using specialized robots along with the IMM for the ease of smooth & high volume production. We have installed Taiwanese Hot runner Mold within the IMM for the maximum utilization of raw materials. The Extrusion unit produced high speed premium quality soft tubes that enhanced the customer’s satisfaction.

The Assembly unit enriched with automated series of printing, assembling, packaging, etc. machines along with in process Laser vision quality control system. These machines have high capacity and able to meet huge customer demand with Quality devices. The Assembly unit also backed by spacious packaging and well organized warehouse facility.

We have our own sterilization unit to ensure the sterility and safety of the sterile devices to meet the ISO 10993, ISO 11135 & ISO 11137 series regulatory compliance.

We installed an In process Quality Control Laboratory. This Laboratory consists of high tech precise euqipments such as Quick image measuring machine, measuring microscope, Sharpness Tester, Profile Projector, etc and able to identify any kind of quality defect of the devices very quickly. This system increases the rate of quality production and reduce the chance of incidents.


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